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LA MARZOCCO The factory


Special concept made for “La Marzocco” coffee machine company, Florence Italy. 2017

As a main attraction in the museums entrance, a 4 minute rolling ball sculpture showing the beauty of the factory’s main features.

The sculpture is started by the spectator pulling the main handle… Watch it!

Although the massive size this machine was built in my workshop in Jongny and comes apart in 4 parts to fit through standard door.

2 separate ball run’s go through all the complex operations of a coffee machine manufacture.

This work has 4 sides to view. Usually a spectator will spend 12 minutes to se most of it.

The 60mm steel ball is kept on track thanks to 2 “Siemens Logo” controllers. 12 volt DC

Very many relays and RGB lighting enhances the show.

By Charles Morgan

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