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Swiss Jolly Ball – World’s Largest Flipper Machine –

At the beginning of 1985, Charles Morgan was commissioned by the Swiss Tourist Office to build the “Jollyball Machine”. A kind of pinball machine, also known as “Flipper Machine”. The machine is 2.2 meters high and 4.8 meters wide. It was exhibited at the Expo in Vancouver, Canada in 1986 and listed in the 1988 Guinness Book of Records as the largest “Pinball Machine“ in the world. Morgan made the machine entirely out of scrap metal.

A metal ball on rails travels through every part of the classic imagery of Switzerland. From Swiss cheese to ski lifts, from Swiss chalets to chocolate. The whole system is operated and driven by over twenty HILBA gear motors. And all of them are unique, because each drive is different in terms of drive output, rotational speed and construction design and thus adapted to the respective requirements. The work of art can still be seen in the science museum Chicago USA. (Video)

By Charles Morgan

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