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Standing by the lakeside, over looking the marketplace  in  Vevey  CH. the “Centurion” has a massive coil spring originating from the Swiss centurion military tank. Thus its name.

Standing over 6 m high, the sculpture is mainly solar powered, has 2 small motors . 1 for the ball run and 1 for the wheels.

The circular ball track is exactly 3 meter in circumference and does exactly 10 oscillations per minute, thus: 30 m, 60 min. = 1800m, 24h = 43’200 m, 365 days = 15’768Km per year !!!

Its been running since 2003

Made to withstand external conditions it has wind mills and solar lights.

It has to cope with harsh conditions by the lakeside, rain, wind, UV light, snow and ice, spiders and vandals!


By Charles Morgan

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